To the Person Who Feels like Giving Up…


So you’ve set some goals for yourself and you’ve made serious progress on them. Maybe you’ve scheduled in weekly meal prep in hopes of making food choices that feel better for you; perhaps you’ve signed up and attended a new weekly movement class (yogalates pole dancing, anyone?). 

But now you’re tired. And you’re not really feeling the motivation and energy that you had about three weeks ago. That’s okay! It’s actually really normal for people to experience some difficulty in keeping up with their new-found habits and I’ve got some ideas for what you can do next: 

Go easy on yourself. It’s hard to make changes. Humans are creatures of habit and it’s easier for us to fall into a routine that we’re used to, rather than to create a new one. In fact, it's so normal that psychologists have identified the science behind behavior change as The Stages of Change (super google-able!) Now that you’re a part of science, give yourself a break and practice self-compassion. What you’re experiencing is normal. (Not gonna lie though - doesn’t make it easier.) 

Take a break. Creating change is tiring and sometimes, you need to step back a little bit. What does taking a break look like? If you’re having a hard time making it to your class this week, maybe that’s just your body telling you you’re tired. Instead of going, how about scheduling a manicure? Or finally treating yourself to a movie? Sometimes, our bodies just need rest. You’ve got next week to get back on that horse. 

Grab a paper/pen and answer this question: What would life look like one year from now if I didn’t make this change? Would you return to an old lifestyle that wasn’t supporting you in the way that you needed? What would your relationships look like? How about work? What about your quality of life? Sometimes, we just need a reminder of why we created these goals in the first place. 

Re-evaluate your methods. Creating change is a process filled with exploration and learning. Are your current plans actually helping you reach your goals? Each day is an opportunity to learn more about yourself. Maybe yogalates pole dancing is not your thing and that’s okay. Consider looking at other methods and possibilities. There are many roads to the same place. 

Just because you’re feeling tired and unmotivated doesn’t mean you can’t reach your goals. This is not an all-or-nothing situation. In fact, just doing one of the above is a step closer towards them. Thanks for reading and cheers to you and making changes. 

In Good Health, 


PS - I made up yogalates pole dancing. However, when I googled it, I discovered something called "Polga." How interesting... 

Mindy is a Nutritionist and Therapist based out of Seattle, where her practice specializes in helping people find peace with food and their body. She lives with her husband in Seattle, WA and watches lots of television. 

(Also, she has no idea how to make this picture smaller so if anyone knows....)