You want to make changes to how you're feeling about food, physical activity and your body. Maybe you've tried a number of diets with varying degrees of short-term success, only to discover they're not sustainable for you. Food feels chaotic and there hardly ever seems like a time in recent memory where you've felt confident and comfortable. Over time, food, movement and body image has become layered with guilt, shame, fear and anxiety. Sometimes, it feels like you might never be able to figure it out. 

I’m Mindy, a Nutritionist and Therapist and I’m here to help. I want you want to have a positive and nourishing relationship with food, movement and yourself. I offer Nutrition and Mental Health Counseling, as well as a unique blend of both services. Together, we will help you take steps towards treating your body the way you want to - with care, balance and kindness. Read on to learn about how I can help.