Here at Sunrise Nutrition, I believe that nutrition requires a whole-person, nonjudgemental approach that celebrates each individual. We come from different walks of life and have different stories that influence where we are now and the decisions we make. Additionally, food is not just about the food. It's about everything else. That's why I take into account your mental health and lifestyle, your perspectives and experiences, your struggles and victories, and your life story as we move forward. My approach is collaborative; we will work together to help you make choices that fit you and work with your lifestyle. 

I am an Intuitive Eating and Health at Every Size practitioner. I believe a person's worth is not judged by the size and shape of their body. Subsequently, an individual's health is not measured by their weight or clothing size. Instead, I choose to focus on health behaviors, such as eating well, finding joyful movement, stress reduction and addressing overall quality of life. I respect all bodies; we are all born to be different and I will honor that always.