“…I really have to highlight here what great emotional and cognitive space that Mindy creates for her patients. I was really able to figure myself out thanks to her openness and guidance.” -L.V.

“Mindy empowered me to radically accept my body.” -Y.N.

"I've gained self confidence and body acceptance that I did not have before.” -C.V.

“[Mindy] helped me find the inner peace and confidence around food and choices I had been wanting in my life.” -A.L.

“Mindy has an ability to be open minded, really deeply listen and understand, and accept me without judgment. At the same time, she was able to balance this with offering me valuable advice and insights into how I can improve and get closer to my goals.” -L.L.

“Mindy’s focus on helping me figure out how to be me without the pain and disregulation that I experienced with food and body is what got me to recover.” -N.N.


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