To help you reach your goals, I offer 1-1 nutrition counseling that is specifically tailored to your needs. My approach is individualized, compassionate and nonjudgemental. I believe that your food and body story is unique to you and our work together will reflect that. Please choose from the following services: 

General Wellness & Health Behavior Change

For those who want to move towards general wellness, we will work on integrating sustainable, lifelong health behaviors into your current lifestyle. Creating change can be a daunting task, especially when confronted by obstacles, challenges and setbacks. We'll not only focus on food; we'll address physical activity, stress reduction and work-life balance. I will support you in your journey towards making lifelong changes. 

Emotional Eating & Relationship with Food

In a perfect world, food would come with no baggage - except that it does. It comes with feelings, thoughts, memories and experience. Unfortunately, it can sometimes result in having a negative connection with food. We'll work together in deconstructing the tangles and move towards having a positive and healthy relationship with food. 

Weight Concerns & Body Image

Humans are born to be different; we come in all shapes and sizes. We'll work together to address some of your concerns regarding your relationship with your body. We'll learn where it comes from and move towards a place where you can have a more peaceful relationship with body image.

Eating Disorder Work

Eating disorders make nourishing yourself really, really challenging. To help you meet your goals, I’ll provide a safe space for you to process the fear, frustration and overwhelm that comes with reclaiming your relationship with food. I’ll also help celebrate your wins and victories as you move towards wellness. It’s not easy, but I’ll be there every step of the way.

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