It’s never just about the food, right? It’s about everything else. 

When it comes to making changes around eating and movement, we need to know what’s going on for you. To do that, we’ll need to dig deep into your food and body story to understand why you landed where you are. This could be helpful if you’re experiencing the following: 


    •    Out-of-control or chaotic eating 

    •    Binge-eating and/or emotional eating

    •    Lack of confidence in physical activity and body image

    •    Constant, chronic or yo-yo dieting

    •    Lack of motivation around health behaviors 

    •    Pre-occupation or obsession with weight or food 

    •    Anxieties or fear around certain foods or amount of food 

    •    Difficulty enjoying food or physical activity

As a therapist who is also a nutritionist, I see how our internal worlds show up in the way we treat food, movement and our bodies. I will provide a safe, nonjudgemental space for you to process your experiences. Most people struggling with food and body work are frustrated, disappointed, angry, and most of all - absolutely exhausted from trying so hard. You are not alone. I will be here to help you navigate this journey towards food and body peace.

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